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Astro Remedies For Normal Delivery
Astro Remedies For Normal Delivery

Astro Remedies For Normal Delivery

Astro Remedies For Normal Delivery or lal kitab remedies for safe pregnancy is a type of astrology tips to have normal delivery. You can use our mantra to chant for normal delivery.

Are you looking for Astro remedies for normal delivery, then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to talk about some astrological tips on normal birth. Besides, we will also cover a few more topics related to pregnancy. Keep reading to find out details about astrology remedies for normal delivery.

Astro Remedies For Normal Delivery
Astro Remedies For Normal Delivery

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most beautiful things for a woman. As per the sources, normal delivery is often considered to be the safest option for a woman. But some people believe that it is an unbearably painful, and risky experience.

It is due to the lack of information about normal delivery. With the help of the right gynecologist, women can have a good delivery experience. Every pregnant woman is concerned about her baby. She also wants to deliver normally.

Normal delivery has no long-term problems like cesarean delivery. But nowadays, pregnant women are shifting to cesarean births due to stress and hectic life. Ayurveda suggests a pregnant mother maintain nutritious as well as a balanced diet for normal delivery.

Apart from that, one should also recite mantras to get the blessings of god to have a normal delivery. Reciting mantras is said to be one of the most practiced methods for normal delivery.

Women who are suffering from infertility issues or who are looking for a smooth normal delivery are advised to chant Garbarakshambigai mantra. They can contact the best Baba Ji during their pregnancy, and recite these mantras under their guidance.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Safe Pregnancy

Lal Kitab Remedies For Safe Pregnancy, A couple always desires to become a parent in their lives. But they have to face numerous obstacles. Moreover, they have to fight to ensure a safer normal delivery. Protecting a mother and the newborn is very important for a healthy family.

Sometimes, it is not easy for a woman to get this happiness. You can chant these collections of mantras or shlokas to help you receive the pleasure in your life. These mantras will be useful for hundreds of ladies who are looking for normal delivery as well. Some astrologers can also predict whether you will have a Caesarean delivery and the time of the delivery.

It is one of the oldest processes done by a soothsayer who also predicts the nature of the delivery. They can also give you remedies and tips to avoid Cesarean. Some people believe that the Lal Kitab remedy for safe pregnancy is one of the tested solutions in India. Many women have personally tested it and obtained 100% results.

So if you want to deliver your child normally, then fill a pot with ghee or milk and fill another pot with sugar. Make sure that the pots are touched only by the delivering mother. Later on, keep the pots in a safe and a different location.

After the delivery, you should offer both the pots to a religious place or a temple. Don’t bring them back to the hospital or home. If you want 100% benefits, then make sure that the quality of the pots in excellent.

Astrology Tips To Have Normal Delivery

Get Astrology Tips To Have Normal Delivery, If you want Astrology tips to have normal delivery, then continue reading this blog. Astrology is a science, and an astrologer gives predictions as per the mother’s stars. They study their birth chart and tell them how their unborn child will be.

Furthermore, they can also predict the child’s stars, how, and at what time he/she will be born. Generally, the position of the stars matters the most to the astrologer. After birth, the astrologer makes a proper birth chart.

Moreover, your Horoscope tells you many things related to our lives. However, one thing astrologers cannot predict is the time of birth. From the astrologer’s point of view, there are various benefits for babies born through normal delivery. Both mother and child will have a healthy life.

The recovery process for a mother will be more natural than C-section. Sources say that your kid will be mentally as well as physically fit. They will be able to fight any diseases or infections after birth. But kids born through C-section will face issues from Jupiter and Moon throughout their lives.

Apart from that, they won’t be physically active as other kids. In further stages of life, they may have health problems like backbone issues, eye problems, and stomach related issues.

If in case your Horoscope has Shani, Rahu, Ketu, or Venus or Mars, then you may have questions while giving birth. Moreover, if Mars or Shani affects the seventh bhava, then your pregnancy will develop cysts or cause problems in your uterus.

Mantra To Chant For Normal Delivery

Mantra To Chant For Normal Delivery, Chanting mantras daily has proven to be beneficial for the child and the mother. The astrologer will give you a specific mantra to chant for normal delivery. They will advise you to chant these mantras 11 to 108 times a day after having a shower.

Some people say that Lord Krishna is praised for safe healthy, and painless delivery. You can chant Santan Gopal Mantra to remove obstacles and to give positive energy to you. The power created by this mantra is so reliable that it can remove all hurdles standing in the way of your child. This mantra will bless you with a healthy child, and give you a wave of mental peace.

Moreover, this mantra protects the mother and nourishes the child in the womb. Use rosary, tulsi mala, flowers, while reciting Santan Gopal Mantra. You should chant the mantra for 1,25,000 times during pregnancy.

By chanting this mantra, you will receive blessings of Lord Krishna on your child. Couples who are facing issues while conceiving can worship this deity and see the benefits. The second effective mantra is Sukh Prasav Yakshini Mantra.

But this procedure has to be followed whenever the labor pain starts. Plus, any of your relatives or friend can do this procedure. First, take some til oil or edible oil in a bowl. Chant this mantra for 11 times.

Also, keep swirling the oil with your clean fingers. Then, rub the oil on the navel of the pregnant woman and make her drink some of it. Keep following this procedure until she feels relief.

Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple

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