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Career Problem Solution By Astrology
Career Problem Solution By Astrology

Career Problem Solution By Astrology

Career Problem Solution By Astrology or career astrology predictions by date of birth can be called career success astrology. We will provide you career problem solution by career prediction by palmistry.

Our personal growth is dependent on our professional growth. This is the reason that one must pursue higher education. After that, the person will search for a job. Some people might venture into business. Sometimes we do not get the desired success in our career. In such cases, a career problem solution by astrology will provide the necessary help.

There are some simple astrological remedies that one must follow. For example, there is a belief that Goddess Laxmi stays in our palms. Therefore, every day when you wake up, first of all, look at your palms.

Career Problem Solution By Astrology
Career Problem Solution By Astrology

If you want to resolve career issues, then you have to appease Saturn. For this, there is a career problem solution by astrology. Every Saturday, you must offer boiled rice to crow. This will appease Saturn and you will get desired success.

In the case of a career problem solution by astrology, there are mantras that you must recite daily. Firstly get up during sunrise. Next in a copper vessel, take a mixture of water and jaggery. After that offer, this water to Sun and at that time narrate the mantra Om HreemSuryaayeNamaha.

Make sure that you recite the mantra 11 times. You must also tell the Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra every day for 31 times. You must also pray to Lord Ganesha and recite Om Gam GanpatayeNamaha every day.

Career Astrology Predictions By Date of Birth

Your date of birth can also speak volumes about your career. For this, the astrologer will make use of career astrology predictions by date of birth. For example, if you are a number 1 person (born of 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month), then you are a born leader. Your ruling planet is Sun. You must venture into business and top managerial level careers.

Next, we consider the number 2 people who are ruled by Moon. They are creative people. So, they must choose a creative field. According to career astrology predictions by date of birth, number 3 people have Jupiter as the ruling planet. They must select the banking and finance field.

The number 4 people must go into the art-related field. For the number 5 people stock market, sports, marketing, technology are a good option. Next, we consider the number 6 people who are ruled by Venus. They must choose the entertainment and hospitality field.

According to career astrology predictions by date of birth, number 7 people much check innovative fields. Research-oriented things can also be a good option for these people.  Saturn is the ruler of the number 8 people. These people taste success after 35. They can try politics, real estate, finance etc.

Finally, we consider the number 9. The ruler of this number if Mars. These people should try their hand in sports-related activities. There are two more options for them. The first one is the defense force. The second option is business in chemical-related things etc.

Career Success Astrology

Career Success Astrology, In astrology, many measures can help one become successful in his chosen field. According to career success astrology, if you want to get success in a job interview, then there is one process. Firstly, take a lemon and you must poke four cloves in this lemon.

Next, take this lemon and narrate the mantra Om Shree HanumateNamah 21 times. Finally, consider this lemon along with you for the interview. You can keep it in your bag or your pocket. There are bright chances that you will be successful in your venture.

According to career success astrology, you must never have your seat under a beam in the office. This is because it can bring obstacles to your success. One thing that you can do is have a photo of the mountains behind your seat. This will also help you to become successful in your career.

Career success astrology gives lots of importance to the Sun. Therefore, if you want to be successful in your career, then you have to pray to the Sun every day. You must pray to the rising sun. For this, you must get up early in the mornings. Avoid getting up post sunrise.

Career Prediction By Palmistry

Career Prediction By Palmistry, The astrologer can make predictions about your career by studying the palm. In the career prediction by palmistry, the fate line is very important. Ideally, the fate line has to be narrow and deep.

It has to well-formed and there should be no breaks in the line. If you find that the fate line is ending at the heart line, then it indicates that you will earn till around 55 years of age. After that, you will retire.

According to career prediction by palmistry fate, line fades at some point, and then it indicates that there will be a set back in a career at that time. If the fate line ends at the headline or before the headline, then it indicates struggles in career. The absence of the fate line means poverty.

There are two more things that you must check in career prediction by palmistry. Firstly, check for any branch starting from the fate line and rising. This will indicate promotion. Secondly, check if the fate line is changing its course.

This will mean a change in career. If the fate line begins from the Mount of Moon, then it is an indication that you will make a career in a foreign country. If you find breaks in the fate line, then it might indicate taking a gap from your job and exploring business opportunities.

Always remember one thing that astrology, numerology, palmistry can surely guide you. But finally, the success part will also depend on your efforts. Firstly make sure that you study thoroughly.

Secondly, we have clarity about what you want to do. Lastly, I always have confidence. You must not get scared. For better details about the relationship between career and astrology, you must consult a good astrologer.

Job Problem Solution By Astrology

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