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Second Marriage Astrology
Second Marriage Astrology

Second Marriage Astrology

Second Marriage Astrology or second marriage prediction by kundali can be use to success of second marriage in astrology. We also provide you remedies to avoid second marriage in horoscope to success your second marriage.

Second marriage prediction by date of birth or by numerology can be define by yog in kundli. Our astrologer also provide you second marriage astrology 9th house.

First of all, a lot of cultures have customs of polygamy or having multiple married relationships. certainly, we can understand the current times we live in. The number of people doing a second marriage has grown exponentially for the past few years.

Second Marriage Astrology
Second Marriage Astrology

Eventually, the concept of having multiple marriages will become more relevant shortly. In this blog, we are going to discuss second marriage prediction by horoscope, the success of a second marriage in astrology and remedies to avoid second marriage in the horoscope.

Second Marriage Prediction By Kundali

Second Marriage Prediction By Kundali, We consider the seventh house in a person’s horoscope as the main house for marriage prediction. The seventh house also controls relationships in life. We start counting from the second house for second marriage prediction by kundali.

Among other rules, we can also observe that the third house starting from the seventh house, is considered as the 9th house. This 9th house is regarded as the controlling house of second marriage in the horoscope.

Some people also contemplate the 11th house to be the house for predicting a second marriage. We usually view the second house as the main house for predicting the possibilities of the second marriage.

The eighth house from UpapadaLagna also indicates second marriage possibilities in astrology. It also provides an idea about relationships with the wife.

In kundali, the second spouse is considered as a sibling of the first spouse. Breakups and divorces do not guarantee the second marriage. The combinations in kundali that provide indications of second marriages are:

  1. Presence of planets with malefic influences in the 2nd and 7th
  2. If there are multiple planets in the seventh house, it increases the chances of having a second marriage.
  3. Seventh house’s lord in the fourth house or ninth house’s lord in the seventh house shows possibilities of a second marriage.
  4. Venus and Mars in the seventh house and seventh house’s lord in the eighth house with Saturn in the twelfth house shows multiple marriage possibilities.
  5. If dual signs like Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces are in the seventh house, it indicates multiple marriages.

The Success of Second Marriage In Astrology

The Success of Second Marriage In Astrology, When we are looking for astrological indicators for the success of the second marriage. We have to consider all the astrological aspects which affect the concept of a second marriage.

Furthermore, We have to consider both charts like the Navamsachart and the Natal chart. The Navamsa chart reveals all the secrets of married life. .

So you need to find the navamsa chart with the natal chart or all of your work will be in vain. Also, other ancient Indian astrological books provide ways to gain insights into the second marriage.

The success of second marriage mainly depends on three things

Planets that controls a person’s attitude towards his second marriage. Presence of Beneficial planets in the proper houses. The central aspect is the lord of the marrying couple’s mahadasha. If every issue is all right, but the lord of current mahadasha is not beneficial, the second marriage will not have a positive vibe.

All these should be judged by analyzing the person’s horoscope who is doing the second marriage. You can do brief speculation of the person’s first marriage life.

If the second house contains stable elements or not having any malefic influence, that indicates a happy marriage. Beneficiary second house and the 2nd house controlling lord suggests the success of second marriage in astrology.

We already know that the eighth house in theUpapadaLagnais responsible for 2nd marriages. The beneficially placed mentioned house’s lord shows success in second marriages.

The ninth house from the UpapadaLagna also holds a vital role in the aspect of the second marriage. If there is a malefic planet ruling the ninth house in the UpapadaLagna.

Remedies To Avoid Second Marriage In Horoscope

Remedies To Avoid Second Marriage In Horoscope, Often people start to desire other people than their spouses. This is painful for the spouse who is that person already married.

Also, sometimes, such situations happen that married couples put themselves in isolation from each other. As a result, this leads to a separation of marriage.

The separation is always painful for the persons who are going through them. Moreover, it is painful for family members. Especially it is tough to bear for the child if they have any children.

We can get to know if a person has a second marriage in his life from that person’s horoscope.

Remedies to avoid second marriage in the horoscope

  1. First of all, perform this process in Suklapaksha and on a Friday. You should achieve this amid the proper position of the moon, as shown in the astrology graph. Wash the place with water from Ganga where you are going to perform the procedure. Face towards North and sit on a red woolen cover.

After that, take the name of goddess Parvati. Most importantly offer green lentils to the goddess while taking her name in the form of a mantra.

Therefor If you can gain the favor of goddess Parvati, she will undoubtedly help to keep your spouse from marrying second time as your household will be full of joy and love.

  1. First of all, Take a square wooden box. Fold a red washed cloth four times and put it over the crate. Now put the idol of goddess Parvati or the picture of the goddess over the red cloth. Light up a Diya with ghee as fuel. Keep it on your right in front of the goddess. Provide 108 lentils to the goddess. Most importantly, with uttering the name of the goddess offer the lentils to the goddess. After that spin, it around yourself for more than seven times and feed them to birds.

Above all, you need to do this for a month every day to settle things up in your household. Hope whoever seeks help to keep their marriage alive and happy to achieve their goal.

Second Marriage Prediction By Date of Birth

You should check for second marriage prediction by date of birth. It will help you to overcome disputes from your way.

In this regard, consider these points;

  • Second marriage takes place when there is a dual sign in your 7th Again, the 7th Lord and Venus reside in the double sign. Malefic planets can influence your 7th house or 7th Lord. More than two planets can place themselves in your 11th house.
  • Furthermore, Mercury and Saturn can occupy your 7th Your 7th Lord can connect to 6th, 8th or 12th houses. In your moon chart, if your 7th house is afflicted, it will lead to second marriage. Rahu, Ketu and Venus can be malefic. They can reside in your 7th house. Navamsa can also lead to second marriage.
  • Many planets can reside in your 7th Moreover, they can connect to Venus. Again, both your 7th house and 2nd house lord can conjoin with malefic houses. There can also be a dual sign. 7th and 11th houses can be inter-connected.
  • Moreover, 7th house lord can reside in your 4th house without the influence of benefic planets. Mars can reside in the 7th Again, Saturn can occupy 8th house. 8th house can also go to your 1st house. 7th house lord place itself in your 9th house. Still, there can be malefic influence on your 2nd house from Upapada lagna.

Therefore, you should carefully look for second marriage prediction by date of birth.

Second Marriage Prediction By Numerology

Second marriage prediction by numerology will help you remarry. Moreover, you can avoid unnecessary problems.

Hence, learn these facts;

  • You can calculate the number from the names. Accordingly, you can understand the person’s character. You can also follow the benefic planets and positive vibrations. Thus, you can select the right person for marriage.
  • Numerology will help you to analyze a person’s traits. They depend on psychic number, destiny number, name number, zodiac, month and year of birth. Hence, your birth date can tell you a lot about your connections.
  • You can also use a numerology calculator. It is a unique and genuine tool to observe your horoscope.
  • If your birth number is one you shouldn’t marry another person of the same number. Your ideal match will be no. 4 and 8. Again, a person with no. 2 can marry a number 3 or 6. A no. 3 people can marry a no. 9 people.
  • You should also study your 8th and 9th These indicate a second marriage. Saturn can occupy your 8th house. 8th house lord can go to your 1st house. Again, 7th house lord can dwell in your 9th house. 3rd house and 9th lord can connect.
  • However, you should also judge your navamsa chart. It relates to every detail of your marriage. You can understand the right combinations for the wedding. Besides, you should also observe nakshatra connection and argala.

Therefore, you should consult an astrologer for second marriage prediction by numerology.

Second Marriage Yog In Kundali

Consult an expert for second marriage yog in kundali. It will save you from many unwanted situations.

In this respect, observe these facts;

  • 7th and 11th house lords aspect each other. Again, the 7th house fall in the dual sign. The malefic Saturn and Mars can influence it. Also, it can occupy a depression sign. It can be in retrogression or condition. Besides, it connects to Venus in the birth and Navamsa charts. There can be two or more planets in 7th 7th house lord also resides in 6th, 8th, or 12 houses.
  • Again, Venus can be in a dual sign. It is in Cancer sign. Yet, it is on the moon in the 7th It can connect to malefic planets. Moreover, it can be a weak sign in your birth and navamsa charts. It can also occupy a sign of depression.
  • Furthermore, the lords of 2nd and 12th houses conjoin in 3rd Again, the 9th house lord or Jupiter can aspect them. Lord of ascendant places itself in the 8th house. Besides, Saturn positions itself in the 12th house. It can also afflict 2nd and 7th house lords. Mars can also posit itself in the 12th house.
  • Again, the second marriage takes place in the antardosha and mahadosha. The lord of the 3rd or 9th house or planets relates to each other. Leo is the ascendant and 7th lord is in the 9th

Thus, you should study a second marriage yog in kundali.

Second Marriage Astrology 9th House

Second marriage astrology 9th house throws light on your marriage. It also unravels secrets to marital life.

As such, learn these points;

  • The 9th house is the leading indicator of second marriage in astrology. Hence, you should analyze it. Check for its position and aspect. Also, carefully understand its lord and its affliction with the 7th Observe the related positions of Venus and Mercury. Finally, dasha and bhukhi are equally important.
  • Now, the 9th house lord can aspect the lords of 2nd and 12th 7th house lord is present in the 9th house, along with Leo as the ascendant. When Aquarius, as the ascendant and the Sun, is in the 9th house, they associate with 8th house lord. The Moon is also present in the 9th house.
  • You should also study mahadosha and antardosha. The lords of the 3rd and 9th houses or planets can relate to each other. Again, it will decide the timing of your marriage. Besides, carefully study your Navamsa and your birth charts.
  • Again, the lord of the 9th house posits itself in the 7th Simultaneously, the 7th house lord situates itself in the 4th house.
  • You should also study your 9th house for your wife for 2nd It will even speak about the necessary contract and negotiation for marriage. Also, consider the positions of 7th and 8th houses for your second marriage.

Thus, you should visit a specialist astrologer for understanding the second marriage astrology 9th house.

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