Astro Solution For Financial Problems 5/5 (9)

Astro Solution For Financial Problems
Astro Solution For Financial Problems

Astro Solution For Financial Problems

Astro Solution For Financial Problems or remedies to improve financial status is a type of mantra to remove financial problems. Our lal kitab remedies for instant financial problems is really work for you.

It is widely said that money can’t buy happiness, but financial independence saves people from stress and sadness. Money, to some extent, does buy happiness, and human beings strive to gain this financial independence throughout their life.

Astro Solution For Financial Problems
Astro Solution For Financial Problems

However, due to numerous reasons, financial problems become a part of life and tackling them have become a daily routine remedy to improve financial status.

Unfortunately there might be situations when these problems get out of hand and seem like never-ending. There might be times when, despite giving your best you are not able to come out of your financial problems.

This is the time when astrology can come to your aid and with the efficient remedies; you need not continue to suffer. We will today help you overcome your financial problems with solutions and holy spells. The proven record of several remedies will help you eliminate these troubles forever.

However, this doesn’t mean you sit idle and expect money to fall from heavens in your lap. Do you know Karma? If you do not work hard, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of earning like a boss. After all, God helps those who help themselves.

Remedies To Improve Financial Status

Remedies To Improve Financial Status, We bring you a set of remedies, which, when followed will help you attract wealth and improve your financial status. The condition, however, is not to doubt them and practice with faith.

  1. The foremost step is to ensure that you always place the cash locker and cabinet in the South or South-West corner of your home. However, keep the face in North direction. That way, it will face Lord Kuber(God of Wealth)’s humble abode.
  1. Law of Attraction: Keep a mirror in your cash locker or cupboard. This will further help in improving your financial status. It is believed that when the mirror reflects the image of cash, it attracts cash.
  1. Barter system was practiced before the use of money. So the idea is to never take or offer anything for free. There are values attached to everyone’s product or services.
  1. Another measure is to place Lord Kuber’s photo at a red piece of cloth at a place of worship that would enable you to seek his blessings and improve your status.
  1. Plant Tulsi along with a ghee diya. It is considered auspicious and is believed that this brings Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings to your home. You should also worship Goddess Lakshmi every day. Another way to delight Goddess of wealth is to offer water to Lord Vishnu through a conch shell every Friday.
  1. The female head of the family should pour a pitcher of water at the entrance of the home every morning helping you to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Mantra To Remove Financial Problems

Mantra To Remove Financial Problems, Besides these remedies, there are some hopeful chants which help you to overcome your financial troubles. Again, one should not expect overnight results and have patience and faith.

  1. “Om Shreem Klum Om DhanadDhanamDehimaam”: Recite this mantra precisely 108 times to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
  1. “OmShreemHreemKleemShreemKleemVitteshvarayaNamah”: This mantra pleases both the lord of Wealth and Goddess of Wealth, i.e., Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi, respectively. It is considered to be one of the strongest mantras to solve financial troubles. Always take a bath and transparent clean clothes before chanting the mantra. To make it more effective, try to chant it in evening or night.
  1. “Om Arahanthaanam, SiddhaanamAayariyaanam, UvajhaayaanamSaahoonam Mama Riddhim, VriddhimSameehithamKuruKuruSwaahaa”: Chant it for a minimum of one hour, thrice a day, for 21 days. Chanting a day thrice means you should also take a bath thrice a day.
  1. “HarHarHarGobinday”: You should make your tongue meet the upper palate, which affects the pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland, leading to the release of good hormones. This will enable your mind to think positive, enabling you create abundance and achieve prosperity.
  1. Half of your financial problems will get solved when you get a sustainable source of income. “Om NamoBhagavatheePadmaavathee Om EmSreem Om Poorvaaaya, Dakshinaaya,  Paschimaaya, Utharaaya, AanaPooraya, Sarva Jana VashyamKuruKuruSwaahaa” is a mantra to increase your disposable income. You have first to recite this mantra 12500 times and then chant it daily for 108 times.

Following these mantras strictly will help you overcome your financial troubles. However, you should work continuously towards truthfully earning money. Meanwhile, reciting these mantras will open doors for you to solve your problems.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Instant Financial Problems

Lal Kitab Remedies For Instant Financial Problems, Lal Kitab (A red book) is a set of five books in the Urdu language on Hindu astrological practices written in 19th century. It contains “prayers” (remedies) for life problems. Here are some instant remedies for solving your financial troubles from the Lal Kitab:

  1. Wrap a root of a gular tree in a small cloth and tie it around your arm.
  2. Wrap a copper coin in a piece of red cloth and tie it at the entrance of the door. This will surely invite wealth to your humble abode.
  3. Lord Ganesha is the breaker of chains which keeps you safe from all the problems. Goddess Lakshmi, as we know, pours wealth among her devotees. Keep their picture under your pillow while sleeping, and nothing in the world would stop fortune from coming to your life.
  4. Eating a piece of jiggery every day before stepping out of home gives you success in all your endeavors.
  5. Follow a morning ritual before leaving your bed: First view your palms and touch your face with the palms. This ritual attracts good fortune.
  6. You are placing water in an iron pot next to your head while sleeping causes an upsurge in the income. You should throw away that water every morning.
  7. Light a ghee lamp and place chana daal on jaggery on every Thursday. This practice helps your business to grow in leaps and bounds.

Financial problems are part and parcel of life. The idea is not to let despair overpower you and never resort to unethical practices to earn money as that would result in all your astrological efforts go in vain. The remedies are to provide you a direction and act as a catalyst in your activities.

Astrology Remedies To Improve Business

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