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Vashikaran Mantra To Quit Alcohol
Vashikaran Mantra To Quit Alcohol

Vashikaran Mantra To Quit Alcohol

Vashikaran Mantra To Quit Alcohol is a spiritual way to stop drinking, We also provide you prayer for my husband to stop drinking. Our totka for leaving alcohol is powerful and working.

First of all, write this mantra with your hand. If you want somebody else to get rid of the addiction, you can write it only in front of them. Because this helps to transfer the power to them, this power of this vashikaran mantra to quit alcohol should not get wasted in water.

Vashikaran Mantra To Quit Alcohol
Vashikaran Mantra To Quit Alcohol

That is why make sure both of you do not have a water bottle or a glass or a water pot or even a fish tank nearby. Make sure while writing to you or that person is facing east direction. Sunrises from the east; that is why this will help to gain energy from the sun.

‘Shakit sato ke saguna tapasme

Bhrungo yathabde makarand chmukta

Sadaga mi channo satako mi banno

Mehe ragote yaga make.’

While using any vashikaran mantra to quit alcohol, the most critical aspect is the energy or the power. That is why we try to gain maximum strength. Similarly, we try to avoid any drain of power and strength. While writing, make sure your or the person’s hand should not have a tattoo or any permanent artificial mark.

If the writer is male, make sure he is not wearing any metal either on his body or on the hand. Because any metal like good, silver, steel, iron tends to absorb your power. And power is the most necessary thing because the person has to fight with his desire. You can compete with others, but struggle with yourself is the most challenging fight any human can face.

Totka For Leaving Alcohol


 ‘Mujo ri karato dami kuruvata 

Namo firagme karotu burukata 

Chamehi sarvam jayama nuchande 

Bhole bhavami nacharam sabhukta’

First of all, this totka for leaving alcohol includes a lot of writing. Because according to astrology, writing has power like nothing. Because it involves your eyes, your skin, your ears as well as your lips, you touch and feel the paper and pen with your skin.

Furthermore, you write looking at the article. Similarly, you tend to whisper what you write thus involving your lips and as well as your ears. That is why your maximum senses are engaged in the ritual. Therefore, it gives more power to totka for leaving alcohol.

You have to write the above mantra with them as small font as possible. Make the letters as little as you can write. Then cut only the part of the paper on which you wrote the mantra and created many such chits.

You have to take 20-30 rubber bands. You need to create as many cheats that those chits would cover your entire alcohol bottle. And you have to cover your container with these chits with the help of rubber bands. Make sure not even a single portion of the tank is visible.

Whenever you need to drink the alcohol, you have to open the rubber bands, remove the chits and then open the bottle. And when you are done, you need to keep the bottle covered as it is. This way, you get more connected to mantra and totka and the entire emotion of repelling from alcohol.

Spiritual Way To Stop Drinking

‘Rele yagade plamam cha pushpa

Bele sagade yamana cha gushta

Vaeda me aham yugami sarvam

Chata mi kahatu namapa karvam.’

This mantra would help you to quit alcohol. This is a spiritual way to stop drinking. First of all, you need to have a strong desire and an urge to leave your drinking habit.

Write down how many times do you drink alcohol in one month. You have to chant this mantra that many times per day. But there are specific rules of this ritual that you will have to follow.

You can do this at your home itself. One has to get up early in the morning. You need to eat something before you do this ritual. The best time to perform this ritual is within an hour after sunrise.

Take a white color sitting cloth on which you sit to chant this mantra. You need to cross your feet over each other. People also call it as asana. Make sure you are facing east. And have two white candles lit on right as well as the left side. Furthermore, you have to chant this mantra loudly. And keep your eyes closed.

When you sit, feel the breeze on your skin. Imagine that you have already quit smoking. God had given you immense power to fight your urge to drinking.

And now no one & nothing can stop you from living a healthy life. Your family members are happy for you. You feel more energetic and empowered than before. This type of ritual is a compelling spiritual way to stop drinking.

Prayer For My Husband To Stop Drinking

‘Name cha kurume yugudha tupasvam

Gharome cha yughme namapa kurusvam

Fana hi karvam pamato karotu

Bana chi sarvam purusu karishye.’

First of all, you need to perform this in the absence of your husband. But make sure you have any male present in front of you while you do this prayer because this prayer requires the power of a male person because it is the desire of a male (your husband) that you are planning to vanish.

Also if that male does all the preparations for you, it is well and good. In addition to that, it is essential that the male person does not support your husband also. And it is with you against the alcohol addition. It could be your brother, your brother in law, your father in law, your neighbor, your husband’s friend or anybody.

First of all, make sure you have the appearance of a married woman with all social rules and spiritual suggestions for a married woman. Then take two candles. Shut the lights off. You have to ask your helper (the male) to write down above mantra for you on the piece of paper. This will transfer his energy into the process.

While performing keep chanting the mantra and with every five repetitions pray the god to bless for the prayer for my husband to stop drinking. Also, try to recall how vital is this prayer for my husband to stop drinking.

This way it develops emotional power into the ritual. Furthermore, hold this paper 2 inches above the candle and let it catch fire. Burn it and thus prayer finishes.

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