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Mantra To Remove Enemy From Life
Mantra To Remove Enemy From Life

Mantra To Remove Enemy From Life

Mantra To Remove Enemy From Life, A smooth and peaceful life is all that you want. To enjoy quality time with your family, your colleagues, and relatives is what you wish. However, life does not go in such an easy way.

Out of a number of people that we are surrounded by not all like us. Same is the case with you. You don’t like all your colleagues and relatives. There may be some obvious reasons for you disliking someone and vice-versa. This is perfectly ok.

However, when the level of disliking rises it is dangerous. You may be ok with the person disliking you. What if the other person is not thinking that way? Maybe the person you dislike is ready to take this to another level.

Mantra To Remove Enemy From Life
Mantra To Remove Enemy From Life

That’s what is called enmity. We all have an enemy in our life who is like a villain. He/she plots to destroy our peace and prosperity.  You may not take him seriously and let go but he may not. The enemy might plan to destroy you completely.

Mantra for enemy destruction

Generally, there are some obvious reasons for one being your enemy. These reasons can be:

  • cheated on someone
  • exploited someone
  • refused to help someone
  • stopped someone from doing unethical things
  • exposed someone
  • exploited someone
  • created difficulties for someone

Reasons can be many but the fire to take revenge in your enemy can be destructive. He/she may use forces like black magic to bring you down to the toes.

In such a situation there are no other options then to act quickly. You have to act accordingly to shield yourself. To get a long term solution is what shall be your goal. But what can be done?

Mantra is what that you need at this stage. Mantra is a long term sustainable solution. The mantra would take back the negativity on to the enemy.

Enemy destroy yantra

The uccharan (recitation) of mantra can be quite effective for you. If you don’t act quickly your enemy would take a lead and plot your destruction.

So, it’s better you act now. Recite mantra with faith and focus and you would get desired results. The mantra  would act holistically against enemies plot.

The mantra would also be effective when the enemy is resorting to black magic. Mantra would bring down the effect of black magic. The positive energy of mantra to remove enemy from life would transcend.

Adhere to the Vidhi (Process) of the mantra. Mantra to remove enemy from life is effective when performed as per process.

The efficiency of Mantra

Mantra to remove enemy from life brings sure shot results to the performer. The mantra to remove enemy from life entices the energy from God itself. It is to be performed in need and not otherwise.

Mantra to remove enemy from life brings results instantly and effectively. The Mantra to remove enemy from life works by:

  • Cutting down the effect of negative energy channelized by enemy
  • Bringing changes in attitude of enemy towards you
  • Scaling down the negative intentions of the enemy
  • Bringing peace upon you
  • Strengthening your faith in God
  • Keeping aside enemy from your life
  • Long term channelization of positive energy on you
  • Granting you the strength to go strong

Through all these, the mantra substantiates its efficacy for you.

The performer of mantra to remove enemy from life must note that:

  • not using the mantra to cause the death of the enemy
  • He/she is not using the mantra to cause permanent disability of enemy
  • she is not using the mantra to cause harm to the enemy’s family
  • He is not using the mantra to gain materialistic benefits
  • Don’t using the mantra to gain an enemy’s wealth
  • may not using the mantra to effect the enemy professionally

The mantra is a pious solution to protect you. Mantra to remove the enemy from life brings changes in the attitude of the enemy. It brings peace upon you and the enemy. It’s not for death, destruction or gain.

So, avoid the mantra uccharan if you have any such intentions. The mantra would be of no effect in this case. Instead, it can bring adversities for you.

The process of the Mantra to remove enemy from life

The most important thing for you to note is the process of the mantra. Mantra to remove enemy from life cannot be performed without the process. Your faith in mantra and adherence to the process are key in this regards.

The process to perform the mantra to remove enemy from life is as follows:

  • Take a bath and cleanse your body completely
  • Wear washed and clean clothes
  • Take a picture of Maa Durga (Goddess)
  • Take a lamp (Dia)
  • Now, take desi ghee
  • Light a desi ghee lamp in front of the picture of Maa Durga
  • Offer flowers to Maa Durga
  • Offer incense to Maa Durga
  • Recite the mantra:

Om Dam Damnay Shatru Nashaay Phat”

  • Do 11 mala Jaap of the mantra
  • Chant 1mala each day

The mantra from Rudrayamal Tantra

  • Take a bone of the horse
  • The bone should be equivalent to four fingers in length
  • Hold the bone in hand
  • Recite the mantra:

“Om dahadahavan swah”

  • Recite this for a total of 108 times in one go
  • Imagine the face of the enemy while reciting the mantra
  • Bury the horse bone in enemy’s residence

Points to be taken care of:

  • Start performing Durga mantra from some auspicious occasion
  • The Rudrayamal Tantra is a fierce mantra
  • The Rudrayamal Tantra is to be performed during Asvani Nakshatra
  • Perform the Durga mantra in a quiet place like pooja ghar
  • Rudrayamal Tantra is to be performed in a place free of disturbance

God’s blessing would bring you the desired results soon.

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