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Child Vashikaran Totke
Child Vashikaran Totke

Child Vashikaran Totke

Child vashikaran totke use to control control stubborn son or make child obedient, but keep remember always use these totke with the guidance of child vashikaran specialist otherwise it may harm for your child.

Rajani got married to Manoj. Rajani was adorable and obedient daughter in law. She was accepted very quickly in her husband’s family. Manoj was the eldest brother among all his siblings. He was the favorite child of his parents. It was seven members’ family. Rajani, Manoj, younger brother of Manoj, younger sister of Manoj, both mom, and dad of Manoj, and a grandmother of Manoj. It was a happy family.

Child Vashikaran Totke
Child Vashikaran Totke

Immediately after marriage Rajani and Manoj went for the honeymoon. After returning, just in a few days, everybody got good news. Grandmother of Manoj got happy that she was going to be a grand-grandmother. The couple was delighted too. After all, it was their first child.

The child was born. Again everybody was happy. The baby became a toddler in no time. Slowly he was growing and with that the problems to handle him. His name was Sahil. Sahil was a very naughty kid. He used to destroy each and everything. His parents had to keep everything away from his reach. Everyone used to love Sahil, but he was also adding up the stress to parents of Manoj, Rajani, and everybody in the family.

Once Mehta uncle from the adjacent housing society came. He saw the naughty Sahil. Sahil was trying to hit him with his toy plastic bat. He was small, his power was not that much, but still, it hurt Mehta uncle at some point. He suggested Rajani why not opt for child vashikaran totke? Rajani had no idea about it. She asked what child vashikaran totke is.

Child Vashikaran Specialist

Mehta uncle cleared his throat, make sure Sahil way away. Rajani sent him to his friends to play in the neighborhood so that Mehta uncle would no longer get the trouble from him. Mehta uncle called Manoj also. His parents too. And then started explaining.

He said when you go to child vashikaran specialist, he will help you to control your child. That is where you would get child vashikaran totke. Now, these totke means it would be like a mantra. Mehta uncle recalled a vashikaran mantra a child vashikaran specialist had given him to control his nephew. His nephew was staying with him, so he was the only person who had to use this mantra so remembered it correctly. The vashikaran mantra was;

‘Kurmam vahyami pujyante

Kuru vhama prasiddhayat

Prathamena vakra chindhim cha

Nabhate natra manchaya ha!’

He said such mantra should be used with a specific set of rules, which you should follow while using such vashikaran mantra. There is one more, he added, that he recalls, it was:

Guhyami shamami vaham

Namo Radha raghuttamaha

Shubh cha ne vahe kashcha

Nabi same prabhuchayet!’

Y asked Rajani to bring a pen and diary. She went inside and started searching for a pen. Mehta uncle informed why did Manoj is proposing to bring her pen and journal? What is so important?  He said they need to note down these mantras that Mehta uncle just dictated so that they can use it on Sahil. Mehta uncle laughed a bit. He said, if you use mantra given to somebody else, it will not work for you. Manoj asked why?

Mantra To Make Child Obedient

Mantra To Make Child Obedient, Mehta uncle informed that such vashikaran mantra to make child obedient given to somebody else would not work for your child. But Manoj questioned that, after all, it is the mantra. Why is it different for a different person? Mehta uncle explained that these vashikaran mantras are crafted carefully by the astrologers. Astrologers first listen to your whole story, ask you questions. Understand your kundali. It requires a lot of efforts from an astrologers’ side.

For example, he has to study, under what circumstances you had your baby? What was your financial situation? Where was your home etc.? Did you do any rituals when this son was in your womb? What kind of birth the child had. Did doctors had to slap the child immediately after his birth to make him cry? How his rearing was till now? Who raised him? What is the kundali of people who has a more significant impact on him?

Mehta uncle said, vashikaran of elders is easy, but vashikaran of children is very difficult. And that is why the astrologer who is going to give you mantra to make child obedient has to be well versed with all these tactics and techniques so that he can provide you the best solutions.

The astrologer has to know about prophecy; he also had to know about horoscopes; he should also have a good knack of gemstones. All the knowledge of these techniques is used to give a customized solution for the client for his specific needs. So while providing mantra to make obedient child, one has to study all such things.

Totke To Control Stubborn Son

So Rajani asked so did totke to control stubborn son worked on your nephew? Mehta uncle said of course they worked. He told that his nephew was much more naughty than Sahil and he also was elder than Sahil, so his naughtiness used to hurt his parents.

He said, that time, they had audio cassettes. His nephew used to get up in the morning and directly applied to sit in front of the showcase that was kept in the living room. His small tiny fingers used to help him to put them in the crack of the door and open it. Then he used to pick up any random audio cassettes and used to start plucking the long black film that the cassettes used to contain. Listening to this everybody started laughing.

Mehta uncle said he is a big fan of Mohammad Rafi songs. He had almost 20-30 audio cassettes full of Mohammad Rafi songs. But his nephew kept none. He destroyed all the cassettes which Mehta uncle had preserved since years. His mom used to get up in the morning to see his nephew all entangled in long black films and pulling out more movies from the cassettes.

Mehta uncle also further added that they had an antique piece of a clock which was round in shape. So his nephew once used it as a ball for his cricket bat. But after he used totke to control stubborn son, all of the family members stated seeing astonishing positive behavior change in him. Now Rajani and Manoj also started thinking of using it for Sahil.

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